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Charlotte HardscapingIf you don’t already have hardscapes in or around your property then what are you waiting for! Perhaps you are waiting for someone to show you what would look best around your lawn and landscaping. If you are then you have come to the right place, CHAR Landscaping. With our help, we can provide you with beautiful hardscapes that are sure to make the rest of your landscaping stand out. Whether it is a retaining wall, garden walkway, the perfect concrete bench put in the right place, or a fence, we can offer you this and more. Our landscape professionals know how to satisfy the needs of our customers by recommending the best and most suitable hardscapes to complement their landscaping. The hardscapes that our landscape architects install receive a lot of attention. They make your lawn come alive! Call us to find out more about our most popular hardscapes.

Why Have Hardscaping Installed

Why wouldn’t you want to have hardscapes installed in your landscaping? You may be looking for ways to improve the overall appearance of your home and never considered hardscapes before now. If you’re thinking of making renovations to your house just because you need to switch things up a bit, why not consider how hardscapes can benefit you instead. They come in the form of wood, concrete, stone and are usually resistant to the harshest weather conditions. Hardscapes compliment your landscaping and are man-made structures. They are cost-effective, which is often why many have them installed.

Kinds of Landscape Hardscaping

It is easy for our landscape architects to make your landscaping stand out with the use of hardscapes. Many homeowners appreciate how many of the hardscapes that we install seamlessly blend into their landscaping. We offer a large selection of hardscapes at CHAR Landscaping. Here are some that are requested most often.

  • Pergolas, Arbors, Cabanas – These types of hardscapes serve as accent pieces for the exterior of your house. The further they are installed away from your house, the more privacy you will have. Most of them are made of stucco, iron or some sort of wood composite. Pergolas and cabanas are a destination point for many homeowners and their households.
  • Walkways – When you walk into an office park or a government building, you may admire the walkway. A beautiful walkway is a hardscape that many businesses hire us to install, as they help with curb appeal. We install walkways made of stone, pavers, and brick. You don’t have to be a business to request a walkway, sidewalk or pathway. These are also very popular hardscapes that are requested most often from our customers in Charlotte.

Hire Our Qualified Landscaping Experts

Some hardscapes are more detailed than others. This is no problem for us, as our landscape experts have installed practically every type of hardscape that you can imagine. They have the experience and the qualifications needed to provide you with the type of hardscape that you would like, big or small. Their experience enables them to make suggestions about the type of hardscapes that they believe will serve you best. You don’t have to settle for something that you don’t really like when we can offer you something that you are sure to love. Allow our associates to show you what we have to offer you to you. Some of the hardscapes that you will have to choose from you may be familiar with. However, there are some that you may not be familiar with. These are the ones that we would like to introduce to you at CHAR Landscaping.

Affordable Hardscapes

When pricing is the determining factor as to whether or not you will have hardscapes installed then you are in luck. CHAR Landscaping offers the most affordable and practical hardscapes possible. You get what you pay for and in most cases, more than what you are paying for. We have professional working relationships with others in the industry, such as hardscape manufacturers. Since we do quite a bit of business with them, they offer us savings that we can then pass on to our customers. We’ll work with your budget to provide you with hardscapes that you can afford. Do yourself a favor by calling us to discuss your hardscaping with our knowledgeable associates. Based on your budget, they will steer you to the options that are best for you based on your wants, and your budget. You can have it all and more when you call on us.